31st August, 2016 Wednesday
Shravan Vad Chaudash/PITHORI AMAVASYA
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Swaminarayan Bhagwan manifested on this earth during an era when technology did not occupy the history. Hence, there were no ways to grasp the glimpses of the Almighty Lord. However, in this modern era due to the grace of God, that has been made possible. The Almighty Supreme Lord manifested on this earth to take us to His eternal abode - Akshardham. During His manifestation on this earth Lord performed numerous utsav and samaiyas to free souls from the clutches of maya-illusion and take us to His eternal abode. He organized numerous kathas to lead souls to the right path of knowledge. He himself preformed majestic super human pastimes and displayed his majestic transcendental opulences. He entertained his devotees in numerous ways. However, today we have no other source than the scriptures that entail the divine plays and events that occurred during that time.

However, today with the benedictions of Lord Swaminarayan, we can benefit from all the events that occur. P.P. Sadguru Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami, a revolutionary saint in the Swaminarayan Sampraday, organizes numerous events that help us reawaken our original pure relationship with God. For aspirants seeking God, Swamiji organizes events like Satsang Shibirs, Atmiya Shibirs, Samarpit Shibirs, Sant Shibirs etc. However, not all people are able to benefit from the live events.

Hence, here we have assembled beautiful glimpses of the major events that occur. The events are arranged in a yearly chronological fashion with events like Satsang shibir, Samarpit shibir, Aatmiya shibir, Sant Shibir, Guru Poornima, Sagar Pur Samapti Samaroh etc. Explore, share and enjoy the photo gallery section !